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Post-Op Physical Therapy Important to Long-Term Recovery

Written By PrimCare Physical Therapy on July 30, 2021

Physical Therapy

That window of recovery time after a major surgery leaves a lasting impact on how your body functions for the rest of your life. One of the best ways to maximize and speed recovery is to undergo physical therapy. PrimeCare Physical Therapy’s staff in Hampton is specifically trained and deeply experienced in helping patients of all ages recover from surgery.

How Physical Therapy Helps You Recover from Surgery

Surgery patients are familiar with post-op pain, stiffness, swelling, loss of range of motion and more. What we come in and do is help your body fix all that. We work with you to decrease stiffness, get the swelling down so your blood circulates better, reduce and/or eliminate pain, strengthen muscles, and promote full recovery.

Part of the reason you get stiff and lose range of motions is because of scar tissue formation. It’s part of the natural healing process. Physical therapy offers tissue mobilization techniques to break up scar tissue and safely coax the affected area back into full motion.

Pain and swelling is your body’s way of protecting an injury site while allowing it to heal. Since surgery is particularly invasive, it’s wise to not leave your body to its own devices to recover. Physical therapy has techniques that reduce swelling and help prevent surgical pain from becoming chronic.

Since surgery means some modicum of rest, this leads to loss of flexibility and decreased blood flow. Poor blood flow increases the risk of infection, blood clots, and more while loss of flexibility leads to weak, stiff muscles prone to injury. Physical therapy counters all this with calculated movements and appropriate stretches.

Get Post-Op Physical Therapy in the Virginia Peninsula

Dr. Russ Mosher and Dr. Marquis Jordan are dedicated to serving our surrounding neighboring communities, as well as the town of Hampton, with a personal touch and hometown feel, no matter where you are coming from or what your need for treatment is.

Dr. Jordan enjoys working in a clinical environment that places emphasis on manual Therapies, one-on-one patient care, and evidence based functional outcomes.

Have questions or need to schedule an appointment? Call us at (757) 902-1989 and we’d be happy to help.

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