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Hampton Physical Therapy

PrimeCare Physical Therapy serves the Virginia Peninsula from our clinic in Downtown Hampton with evidence-based practices that provide comprehensive evaluations, treatments, & prevention strategies for general orthopedic-related injuries to the spine and extremities.

Our therapists believe the patient is our number one priority. We provide hands-on, compassionate care. We perform comprehensive evaluations and encourage patient and physician input for treatment planning and goal setting.

Our philosophy is to provide excellent therapy through personalized care and education. We support creative and individualized therapeutic planning and intervention. We ensure patient comprehension and emphasize proper treatment progression to guarantee optimal results for our patients.


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Our highly trained staff treats every patient as if he or she was our only patient. We realize that you have a choice as to where you receive your rehabilitative care, and we would be grateful for the opportunity to assist in your recovery.

Dr. Russ Mosher, DPT

Dr. Russ Mosher, DPT

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Marquis Jordan, DPT

Marquis Jordan, DPT

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What Our Patients Say

I went to the doctor after failed attempts to treat my sciatica with traditional methods. I went to physical therapy for weeks without any relief and was scheduled to get a cortisone shot until someone recommended I see a chiropractor. It was one of the best decisions I made! I would recommend his services before any shots or surgery. I am back to walking and exercising with NO PAIN! Thanks Doc!

Fitzgerald B.
Hampton, VA

I was suffering from pain in my left buttock all the way down to my foot. Muscle spasms, tingling, weakness and the list goes on. After only 9 hours of sleep in 3 days prior I was at witts end. He performed therapy same day using ultrasound and STEM. I'm more than 85% better after just two sessions and he says I am the one to tell him when I think I'm done! He is all about you! Give them a call to start feeling better right away!

Kelly B.
Hampton, VA

After multiple trips to the Family Doctor and rounds of lab work, I found myself in the same place with a lot of pain, poor quality of life and no answers. I decided to visit Dr. O'Dea who was very understanding and concerned for my overall well being. In just a short couple of weeks I am in a lot less pain and on a true path to healing without drugs. If you have ever wondered if this works - I am living proof. Thank you

Tracey S.
Hampton, VA


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